Sometimes the only way to figure something out is to roll up your sleeves and dig in. As the sEATz team continues to help a growing number of venues around America, this has become a way of life.

Getting started in the space of in-seat delivery via mobile ordering at sports venues and entertainment sets presented a host of logistical uncertainties and it came down to the fortitude to figure out a way, no matter the objection. We will walk you through 4 ways to get ahead of mobile ordering issues in your sports venue and/or entertainment center.

Venue Layout

You first want to consider the layout of the main concourse. Then, you want to assess any other serviceable areas inside your venue because it will enable you to plan where delivery stations and express pickup stations could be positioned. It could help to think about highest to lowest foot traffic areas for mobile ordering signs that promote contactless ordering options. Take a survey of the number of built-in concession counters compared to carts and kiosks. This will provide a base idea of how the flow of traffic may go when mobile ordering and delivery/express pickup is introduced. The goal of mobile ordering is to provide a higher quality of service and fan experience, and now also encourages health and hygiene with minimal crowding in the concourse post-pandemic circumstances.

Consider How Concessionaires Fulfill Orders

Without considering the way the concessionaire currently fulfills orders that are made at the counter, you could miss a major element to the success of mobile ordering in your venue. As CEO and Co-Founder Aaron Knape witnessed, “If you “up” the volume of orders by introducing convenient mobile ordering without scoping the back-of-house order fulfillment process, you could be pouring fuel on an already blazing fire, especially during busy times in the flow of a game or concert.” In other words, you’re adding order volume to an already bottle-necked operation. sEATz quickly became privy to some quick fixes and other not-so-easy issues that can come with mobile ordering. So they began to help answer the question “How do we help get more orders out quicker?”

The Killswitch

The sEATz team quickly came to realize that even after optimizing the back-of-house operations to fulfill orders coming in both at the counter and on a mobile receiving device, there is ultimately a cap on the number of orders you can receive. If a venue is only optimized for just this process, sEATz created the killswitch that can turn off mobile ordering until the back-of-house can catch up. Flip the switch back on and onward the venue goes. 

Give People More Than One Way to Receive Their Mobile Order

Some venues have the capacity to fulfill many orders, and can even back up the deliveries or fulfill deep into a standing concession line so fans are waiting around just for the people to clear in front of them, even though the back-of-house isn’t overwhelmed. As this example began to happen more often, sEATz instated the “Express PickUp” lane where people can be sent a text or push notification inside the app to let them know their order is ready for pickup in the Express Lane. This is also a popular option for people who are looking to time up a quick restroom break between innings, quarters or songs. 

Getting out ahead of these mobile ordering issues will be pivotal for venues to continually enhance the fan experience and generate higher revenue volumes.