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To succeed, we not only have to lead by example, but set the example of mental toughness to keep trying in the face of challenges while keeping passion for the work we do. Always be willing to experiment and take risks, while also being transparent about the struggles and share failures so they can be used by the organization as an opportunity to thrive in the future.


The ability for an organization to cope with today’s turbulent customer-driven marketplace enables our organization to master and harness continuous change. It permits sEATz to flourish in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment with the goal of building competitive advantage.


Making every moment count as each day is an open opportunity for mastering skills and furthering goals. Acknowledging success often comes down to having the right attitude and smart decision making.


The entrepreneurial mindset that is marked by imagination, initiative and readiness to undertake new projects through perseverance and determination, risk-taking and daring, integrity and honesty. Aim to change the world in concrete ways through their inventions, our businesses, and, social and economic impacts.


This allows us to achieve our greatest potential in business by learning to monitor one’s own attitude and its impact on work performance, relationships and everyone around you. We all have a choice and can/should choose an inner dialogue of self-encouragement and self-motivation.

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