While technology continues to advance at lightning speed, sometimes it’s nice to reflect back on just how things started and that’s exactly what we did with sEATz exec, Tony DiCamillo. A native Houstonian to the organization’s headquarters home, the former NCAA athlete carried out his college years at Houston Baptist University, benefiting the basketball team there. Initially, Tony thought he would take an administrative role on a sports team or at a university, maybe even go the coaching route but a short internship-led entrance into pro sports with the Houston Rockets took Tony in a different direction. With a front-row seat to some of the Rocket’s most memorable years with legends like Clyde Drexler, Hakeem Olajuwon and so many others, DiCamillo had the chance to help the sports organization operate at a very high level in the ticketing operations and business development departments and burned many notable moments to memory himself. 

He later took a three-year stint with SMG the venue management group of the then Compaq Center and talked fondly of his memories learning a new side of the live entertainment and sports industry that included logistics, operations, security, food and beverage, vendor and client relations and how to make the venue seamlessly work the best it could for its fans and patrons. As he was introduced to more services and technologies, he came into close contact with a start-up company, ExtremeTix who was paving the way for “print-at-home” tickets that provided a major convenience to sports and live entertainment fans. He ultimately joined ExtremeTix as the VP of Operations for over a decade. His commitment to the organization led him to take presidency over ExtremeTix with a goal of positioning for an exit. Acquired by Parthenon, they were then rolled up with what is now eTix, a leader in the online ticketing industry. 

Kindred spirits find ways to convene and now Tony advises the sEATz organization with extensive knowledge and experience in disruptive technology for the sports and live entertainment industry. He talked to many of the parallels between the online ticketing technology movement of the early 2000’s and now mobile ordering for food and beverage at sports and entertainment venues. Elevating his excitement, Tony told us “There is so much starting to happen in the mobile ordering space and, after having seen just how successful “print-at-home” ticketing and the evolution of mobile ticketing technologies, [he witnessed], were, it’s obvious that this is the way of the future for today’s fan.” Tony also applauded the sEATz user interface and user experience and explained to us how often tech companies miss the mark with ease of use in mobile apps.