A story that begins with family friends, Co-Founder Marshall Law takes us down a lane of memories that proves the adage, “It’s not always what you know, but who you know”, that can make the difference. Fellow Co-Founder, Aaron Knape had finally made it back to Texas after his career carried him overseas and before you knew it, the two were sitting at dinner with their wives (who are childhood friends), catching up on life. The night would end though Marshall and Aaron kept in contact, having a mutual respect for the others’ entrepreneurial spirit, leaving on the note, “We’ve got to start something together.

It was the perfect combination, an “act now, get it done” kind of person as Aaron describes Marshall, would soon pair with his own personality that tends to think about mitigating risk around every corner. Then the idea presented itself.

Marshall told us a warming story of surprise World Series Astros vs Dodgers tickets his wife had secured. As any sports fan knows, these things can be hard to come by with a hefty price tag to boot. The moment had come. 

Marshall was sitting in the stands with his kids, getting into the ballpark just around dinner time, having been too rushed to stop and get something before walking in. Up they all went, leaving their seats empty to wait in what turned out to be a 40-minute concession stand line. Marshall kept thinking to himself “What I wouldn’t give to have someone deliver this food to me right now.” He turned to the jumbotron just in time to see Yuli Gurriel drive a home run out toward where he and his kids should have been seated. The fans began to roar. They watched in horror as the camera followed the ball for what felt like hours, finally landing with a hard bounce smack in the middle of their vacant seats. The fans scrambled to catch the rogue ball and the moment ended, without them in it. Then it was official; enter sEATz.

Just before revving up the engine to head home, Marshall sent Aaron a text to tell him about the idea that spawned after the bumming incident and said the true testament to the idea was when his wife stood calmly watching as he explained the idea late that night. She paused for a long moment and then said, “I don’t see how we wouldn’t do this.” As any entrepreneur knows, telling your closest friends, family, or spouse about all your ideas can quickly exhaust them. It became real when everyone began talking about “how”, instead of focusing on “no”. They moved on to consider business names and the rest is history in the making.

A man of many talents and multiple businesses that he’s grown over the years, Marshall Law understands the importance of grit and fortitude and talked at length with us about another necessary component to success, the people. He said that when the idea struck him that night as hard as that ball hit his empty seat, he knew Aaron was the right person to go into partnership with. As the company has grown to include even more strength, the power in starting a company with the right personnel rings true.