A discussion permeating every industry is America’s road to economic recovery. Most importantly, how do consumers keep themselves safe from illness when making a purchase, something that has been a physical and touchy subject.

The work that sEATz is doing inside sports and entertainment venues around the nation to enable concessionaires to provide a much stronger fan experience with a higher gross revenue also includes an already built-in feature around hygiene and health for the fans, touchless commerce. With the sEATz, FreedomPay integration, concessionaires can put the purchasing power, pointing, and exchange all in the fan’s hands without the need for multiple touch points between people. 

In the instance of in-seat food and beverage delivery, a fan downloads the app, browses the menus and offerings throughout the stadium, places their order and waits for the food to be delivered on a platter that they scoop off without once having to touch the hands of another, unless of course, their toddler decides to swipe a few fingers through the ketchup mound. Nevertheless, the future of touchless commerce at sports and entertainment venues is here. To learn more, ask the sEATz team here.