When it comes to providing high-quality experiences for your customers, the concept of versioning always enters the scene. As sEATz continues to get involved with a growing number of stadiums, a few patterns have emerged. Generally, sEATz provides the software for the concessionaire’s back-of-house kitchen and sometimes providing labor is also needed. 

The sEATz team has learned that larger stadiums, those of major pro sports teams and leagues generally benefit from a short-term, extended labor force that they don’t have to come up with on their own. As CEO and Co-Founder Aaron Knape talked about in his Behind the Scenes interview, “many times organizations don’t have a lot of physical mindshare to figure out all the logistics needed in making a new idea work right out of the gate”. As if stuck between a rock and a hard place, these general managers and leaders of concessionaires know that you need new implementations to work seamlessly if you’re going to try them at all and you just can’t afford to deviate from what you know does work while you’re experimenting with other value adding elements. This is where sEATz prevails, in the hard-to-do details of executing technology at scale.

It just so happens that the use cases the sEATz team can reflect on have all proven a stronger night of gross sales and a more engaged audience when a concessionaire does use this software component to conveniently provide food and beverage to its in-seat fans. sEATz tailors its products to the specific needs of stadiums while carrying through some commonly learned best practices along the way, one of which is a versioned product that also includes this extended short-term labor force for the event or game. To learn more, send us a note here.