Venue Solutions

Our multi-platform solutions connect fans to stadiums better than anyone in the industry

  • Touchless Transaction Technology: No physical contact during the transaction – no cash or card exchange, no waiting for receipts
  • Digital Hawker: Fans make the call from their seats with our app- and mobile-based ordering systems with QR code-enabled links
  • Frictionless, agnostic add-on to any POS system with minimal startup costs
  • Order ahead and let fans come straight to the counter with Express Pick Up
  • Small POS footprint
  • Can be used on any Android device
  • Smart base allows for integrations with scanners, wired printers, NFC authentication, etc.
  • Self-serve kiosks consistently increase throughput
  • Kiosks come with medical grade antimicrobial screen protectors
  • Can be wiped down with bleach-based cleaners to thoroughly disinfect the surface and keep fans safe
  • Allows fans to skip the line completely with mobile ordering and in-seat delivery
  • sEATz offers a staffing component to supplement the platform
  • Line Buster puts POS in the line area to take more orders and increase throughput
  • Allows sEATz runners to act as waiters and take fan orders
  • Our event management software is a simple, touchscreen management tool
  • Real-time data analytics and detailed tracking to make adjustments on the fly
  • Easily added to any POS, any configuration, any venue
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