We sat down with Co-Founder and former CTO, Craig Ceccanti to get a thorough answer to the question “Why start mobile ordering now?” The long-time technology expert shared ah-ha moments and pointed out raw realities around the introduction of an overnight Digital Era.

A recent Mixpanel research study shared the growing trends, even pre-COVID, in mobile adoption across a spectrum of industries and use cases. In 2019, SaaS products saw a 2X higher rate of growth in reach for mobile app users compared to web users. sEATz in-seat mobile ordering around sports and entertainment venues has become a double-edged sword. With adoption rates of mobile use already on the rise, the entire globe was thrust forward into the Digital Era. Fighting for a slice of normalcy throughout 2020, people turned to UberEats, Favor, Amazon and dozens of other mobile ordering apps more than ever before to be able to enjoy their favorite things with contactless delivery. They were able to stay safe in their homes until the drop had been made, cracking their door just enough to drag the parcel or product into their home with a latex glove. Sanitize it down and voila, a familiar pleasantry amid an unprecedented global pandemic.

As the world continues to press forward, finding ways to keep fans safe while they still get to experience their favorite things in real life, the need for mobile ordering is effervescent as ever. 

Adoption rates have skyrocketed in all areas of mobile ordering. What was once a convenience discussion with highly valid reasons and proven revenue growth, mobile ordering has now been activated in everyone’s mind almost overnight, and as a health mechanism to boot. “People are instantly primed to be looking for contactless delivery or touchless experiences, which is a staple and built-in feature of most mobile ordering platforms. The question is more around ‘Why not?’ As any marketer knows, the cost to educate a customer base can get extremely expensive and overwhelming,” said Craig. His point, opportunistic in nature, encourages sports and entertainment venues to provide a great fan experience through the use of in-seat mobile ordering, for now, two reasons:

  • Higher quality fan experience (convenience)
  • Health-risk mitigation (coronavirus, flu, and cold season)

Taking the opportunity to provide this two-for-one benefit for one of the most captive audiences of our time is why venues would want to consider implementing mobile ordering and in-seat food and beverage delivery for their fans. The time is near that this type of process will be second-nature to many.