A necessary topic when it comes to the future of touchless sales at sports stadiums around the world is your visibility into purchasing behaviors. The sEATz back-end software allows concessionaires and teams to see everything going on in their venue, in real-time. This unlocks a host of powerful options for revenue growth and high-quality fan experiences, at a time in history when people are craving entertainment. 

sEATz’ COO, Charles Willis, talked about the versatility of the organization’s back-end software: “With real-time analytics, a concessionaire can see inventory and make decisions on where to restock product-based on which areas of the venue those products are selling faster.” For instance, if a specific club in the venue is purchasing more Dos Equis, the concessionaire can quickly make a call for restocking to favor that area of purchasing behavior. The same could be said for a mezzanine level not being able to keep up with the demand for gourmet pretzels. The concessionaire could quickly realize a bottleneck and send backup staff to help within minutes to capture the best experience for fans and sales volume. Reversely, if a certain area of the stadium isn’t seeing much action, the concessionaires can also identify that with sEATz’ back-end software and reallocate those staffing resources to other areas of the stadium.

Again, a great element to the sEATz back-end software is the killswitch that can pause the flow of orders in a specific area of the stadium until logistics can get recalibrated and improve any bottlenecks. With the sEATz real-time data and analytics, it is a great choice as a mobile ordering partner in sports and entertainment venues.